Angie F.

I started seeing Dr.Keller in April of 2010 because of knee and hip pain I was having off and on for over 3 years. The pain was becoming so bad I could hardly walk. I had visited two different orthopaedics for my knee and neither one could determine what the problem was. I had heard about the ART and finally decided to go to Dr.Keller to see if he could help relieve my pain. Within one week I was feeling better! After 3 weeks of having him treat my hip and knee I had participated in an Ironman Triathlon and qualified for the World Championships! I couldn’t have been more happy!!! I rarely have any more pain and I am still competing in Triathlons and doing better then I have ever done! Because of his knowledge, professionalism, kindess, and expertise with the ART, I would highly recommend Dr.Keller to anyone!


Jamie O.

In 1995, I was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident. I suffered whiplash which resulted in headaches, almost daily, some of them being very bad migraines. I had received treatment from two different chiropractors but the headaches returned a day or two later. It was not until I began visiting Dr. Keller, who not only adjusted my back and neck, but also used Active Release Technique, that I felt significant improvement. He has used ART on my head, neck and even into my arms, all the while talking to me about things I am able to do at home to help. After his treatments I usually go an entire month without a single headache and no longer am filling my body with over the counter pain medication! I will continue to see Dr. Keller and receive these treatments. He is a very knowledgeable, confident, and caring chiropractor. I would recommend him to anyone!


Justin H.


I saw Dr. Keller for shoulder and neck pain, in which I could hardly move my arm. After four years of college baseball and three shoulder surgeries I never thought I would have full range of motion and live without pain. My college’s athletic trainers sent me to physical therapy and other chiropractors but Dr. Keller’s combination of Active Release Technique, Chiropractic manipulation, and rehabilitation was better than any treatment I have ever received. After only 8 visits I had almost complete range of motion in my shoulder and absolutely no pain! 


When I first started seeing Brad I was experiencing extreme low back pain, one leg was longer than the other, my knees hurt all the time (I could not go up and down stairs), I had lost some range of motion in my ankles and my plantar fasciitis was flaring up. I'm a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer, and this was just not acceptable! During my first appointment Dr. Hochstein adjusted my back, put my hip back in place, and loosened my ankles. Then the magic started, Active Release Technique! Brad began the Active Release Technique treatment on my legs. After just one treatment I was running up and down stairs and feeling wonderful! Needless to say I went back for more, Brad continued the Active Release Technique on my legs, moving on down to my feet he was able to relieve the pain of my plantar fasciitis. 

Brad is a very confident, capable, strong and yet gentle chiropractor whom I would highly recommend.



I have been going to see Dr. Brittney Keller at Synergy Chiropractic since 2011. While under Dr. Kellers care I have qualified for the CrossFit Games in both 2011 and 2012. Placed 1st in the 2013 Fittest Games and 3rd in the 2014 Fittest Games. I can directly attribute my athletic success as an athlete to the chiropractic care she does for me, without her weekly treatments I would not be able to train as hard as I do. Dr. Keller's Graston technique and chiropractic care are essential for my recovery and mobility needs. When I miss a session with I can definitely feel the effects in my performance. Thank you Brittany for all the work you've done for me in the last 4 years! I couldn't do it without you.



I had a nagging neck injury caused by exceeding my abilities!  I tried another chiropractor but got no relief.  I went to Dr. Brittney and within 90 days my neck pain was cleared up, and my shoulder pain cleared up at the same time.  I strongly recommend her!



My husband and I first visited Dr. Brad and Dr. Scott just prior to running our first half marathon a few years ago.  From training prior to the race to recovering afterwards, they helped us address our problem areas and also gave us excellent advice to avoid injury.  From migraines to IT band tightness to issues with arthritis, we look forward to our monthly "tune-ups" to stay active and to learn more about how to bring our inner athlete out. 



I had been going to another chiropractor for years for lower back pain, caused in part by what seemed like an unending series of being rear-ended in Lincoln traffic.  Deciding to try Synergy Chiropractic and Dr. Scott Keller has changed my life.  My back pain left me relatively inactive for years.  After a few visits with Dr. Keller I started cycling.  My "long" 8 mile rides gradaully increased over the past couple of years, and this summer I trained for and strongly completed two 100-plus mile rides!  I could not have done it without Dr. Keller, who I also have to mention is just a super nice guy and so is everyone else at Synergy!

Jim A.

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for more than 5 years & nothing gave me relief. It was so bad I started having hip & back pain as well. I got custom orthotics, multiple cortisone shots in my heel, yet no relief. My wife suggested I try Synergy & Dr. Scott Keller was a godsend! After a few months, I was a new man. I've never been a runner in any way, shape or form, but after Synergy got me pain free, I even ran a 10K race. If you suffer like I did, I can't recommend Synergy highly enough, because excellent doesn't even come close.

Jessica C.

The staff at Synergy know the meaning of quality care and customer service. The ladies at the front desk are always helpful and friendly. Dr. Scott Keller has magic hands. After trying other chiropractors without relief, Dr. Keller was able to use ART to relieve my chronic (and often debilitating) head and neck pain. Fantastic!!!

Cindy A.

Was recommended to Synergy 3 weeks ago by a colleague. I do not regret my decision to seek care with Dr. Brad Hochstein. The Active Release Technique used to remedy my lower back injury has been totally successful. Other than treatment, Dr. Hochstein proactively works with me on stretches, breathing techniques, and core functions to ensure my continued functionality and to prevent future injuries.

Laurie S.

When I went to Synergy I had been doing chiropractic for many years but I couldn't get my low back to stop hurting even with medication and cortisone shots. After a few treatments my pain was greatly improved. I'm now medication free and pain free. Thanks Dr Keller

Deanne S.

During my 5th month of pregnancy, I began having lower back pain. I had difficulty sitting @ my desk for long periods of time. Dr. Hochstein was able to use his skills in ART to relieve the pain and discomfort. After just one treatment with ART, I felt relief. I continued treatment on an “as needed” basis throughout my pregnancy, even having an adjustment during my early stage of labor. I highly recommend Synergy for prenatal chiropractic care.