Nebraska Wesleyan Athletics

Drs. Keller, Hochstein and Ideus are the exclusive Chiropractic and Active Release Technique providers for Nebraska Wesleyan Athletics. The Doctors travel to the Nebraska Wesleyan Athletic Training room one night per week to evaluate and treat any athlete that the training staff and coaching staffs feel appropriate. The Doctors also attend many of the home athletic events and help treat the athletes while they are competing.  Catching injuries early and treating properly can reduce the time away from the field or off of the court by increasing healing time and helping the athlete to become stronger than they were pre-injury!



Angry cow adventures

Synergy is also a proud sponsor of Angry Cow Adventures.  This is a family friendly series of outdoor adventure races.  Whether it's biking, running, canoeing, or orienteering, there is usually something for everyone.  We love being involved in this great series of events!




Crossfit Lincoln


Synergy Chiropractic is proud to partner with Crossfit Lincoln to help their athletes feel and perform at their peak by taking care of injuries or to prevent injuries from occurring from the beginning.  Dr. Scott Keller has been an avid Crossfit enthusiast for 5 years and has competed three times at the Regional Level.  With this experience and his background and knowledge in human body movement, exercise science, and injury prevention, he can aid all athletes in corrective exercises and proper mobility work.  Currently he is also contributing weekly short videos for the Crossfit Lincoln members on their website www.crossfitlincoln.com, in which he explains basic anatomy, biomechanics and proper technique when it comes to specific mobility drills. 



Dr. Keller and Dr. Hochstein are Ironman Active Release Providers.  They have reached a level of expertise in the Active Release world which has qualified them to provide treatments all around the world for competitive Ironman athletes.




This is an exciting new series of runs brought to you by Zach Harsin, race director.  We are proud sponsors of the 5 race series.  We thoroughly enjoy providing soft tissue care, chiropractic, as well as gait analysis evaluations and functional rehab protocols to many people involved to help them "feel and perform at their peak!"