Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is a revolutionary technique that the Synergy Doctors have trained and are continuing to train in.  DNS is from the Prague School of Rehabilitation in the Czech Republic.  This technique can be incorporated into treatment plans for many issues and a diverse variety of patients we see every day, from athletes to laborers or kids.  The principles lie in creating a proper foundation of core stability that is much different than the "traditional" or "westernized" way which is more focused on appearance than actual function.  Synergy hosted a DNS Exercise course in the Haymarket on August 8th and 9th and flew in one of the DNS schools top instructors, Zuzana Suzan, MPT. The course was full of our fellow chiropractors, physical therapists, coaches, and personal trainers.  We are planning to host more courses in the future due to demand and how well the course went.  For more information you can read more on our website under DNS treatment page, or visit their website at http://www.rehabps.com/REHABILITATION/DNS.html.