Most pain symptoms involve inflammation and tissue injuries. These processes result in releasing some biochemicals which cause pain. Pain makes muscles tight and reduces blood flow with low oxygen and nutrition supply to the painful tissues. The low supply of oxygen and nutrition makes painful tissue even more painful and tight. Once this vicious cycle is formed, tender or painful spots are gradually formed in muscles and tendons. In addition, pain symptoms also increase emotional stress. All these conditions slow down our self-healing, the mechanism with which our body heals itself.

Acupuncture needling can precisely dissolve the painful spots in soft tissues resulting in muscle and tendon relaxation and restore the blood flow with sufficient oxygen and nutrition. Acupuncture needling and the lesions left after needles has been removed also stimulate the spinal cord and the brain to release self-made pain killers, the endorphins. Our endorphins not only reduce pain, they also remove emotional stress. The central nervous system, stimulated by needling, releases biochemicals to normalize immune reactions and endocrine activities and inhibits pain patterns and dysfunction to essentially “reset” our neurology and restore normal function. All this leads to restoration of self-healing and results in analgesia without side-effects. Some acupoints appear as a result of a vicious circle of metabolic energy crises. Such acupoints maintain a higher temperature than surrounding tissues because of sustained muscle contraction. Acupuncture needling is able to relax the muscle which breaks the vicious circle of energy crisis and restores normal blood circulation.

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